75′, color

Isolated on an island, an elderly women embraces freedom by open-sea swimming with sea lions, while a champion swimmer tests her endurance in the world’s iciest of waters. Stunning cinematography captures their pristine but charged aquatic landscapes, which are both tender and brutal. 

This sensory, immersive and highly cinematic experience follows two women who have a special connection to water. Through gorgeous cinematography and exquisite sound design, director and sculpture artist Caro Bloj explores the synchronicity of these two women immersed in water. Ilka -who has survived a tsunami- and Barbara -a well known ice swimming champion- each build their identities through finding refuge in water while empowering themselves, continuing to develop their swimming practice, and defining their relationship to water on their own terms.

World premiere in <Hotdocs 2024>

Director: Caro Bloj
Production: Claudia León, Sebastián Lavados
Edit: Caro Bloj, Luis Troetsch
Edit support: Coti Donoso, Titi Viera Gallo, César Custodio
Editing assistant and trailer: Georgina Pérez
Gender: Creative documentary
Lenght: 75 mins
Associated producers: Trino films, Válvula films, Creas films
Music composer: Nadir Sigolo         
Sound design: Ruben Isaac               
Mixing: Aural studios
Color: Thomas Woodroffe
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Caro Bloj, Directora

Chilean filmmaker and artist (Université Lumière-Lyon II, Francia, ICEI U.Chile y EICTV Cuba.) She approaches to cinema through sculpture work and video installations, exploring the idea of how geography influenced human bodies. As a visual artist she has presented her work in collective and individual exhibitions both nationally and internationally, obtaining awards and distinctions. For the last 20 years she has developed art and cinema projects in isolated locations as Robinson Crusoe island (Valparaiso region, Chile) and Caleta Tortel, Patagonia, Chile.


“Respirar Helado” (Cold Breathing, 2015), FicValdivia film Special award

“Utopia in Ruins” (16 min, 2010)

“Más a Tierra” (More on earth, Living Myths of Robinson Crusoe Island) 2008

“Los Pasos que Flotan” (Floating Steps, 2005)

Fårö Cine Cinema & Storytelling