In Chile, as glaciers melt, forests burn, inequalities increase and women’s rights continue to be questioned, Camila’s thoughts wobble between reason and instinct: can she give birth to a child today, in this uncertain world?

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Stéfanne Prijot

A coproduction Belgium (Iota films)- Chile (Faro cine)
Dirección: Stéfanne Prijot
Director of photography:Yan Verbeke
Second units camera:Stéfanne Prijot, Natalia Medina, Valeria Fuentes
Production Chile: Claudia León – Sebastián Lavados (Faro cine)
Production Belgium: Isabelle Truc, Natacha Hostyn (Iota productions)
Production assistant: Camila Vidal
Sound register: Paul Petit Laurent, Jessica Bruna.
Genre: documentary
Editing: Sophie Vercruysse
Sound mixing: Pierre Dozin
Color correction: Milena Triver
Lenght: 70 mins
Protagonists: Camila Guerrero, Verónica Quintonahuel, Catalina Silva
Shooting locations: Valparaíso, Santiago, Curarrehue (Araucanía, Chile), Villa O’Higgins (Aysén, Chile), Puerto Río Tranquilo (Patagonia)
Fårö Cine Cinema & Storytelling
Contacto: hola@farocine.com