Experimental and dystopian short film that transport the spectator to the island of Tenerife, where in an imaginary future, after devastating fires, draught and a world-wide pandemic halts the arrival of tourists, leaving the island infrastructure abandoned.  Through a poetic lens the film explores the local people, artists and youth try to recover the desert tourist buildings, hotels, pools, and resorts, reimagining their purpose and bringing back the local counter-culture. 

The film offers a sensorial and thought provoking exploration of the fragile balance between human progress, care of the natural environment, and the catastrophic consequences that await when those balances are disrupted.  



Director: Asia Dèr
Dop: Balazs Domokos
Genre: Creative documentary
Production: Faro cine – Flywus studios
Lengh: 25 mins
Format: digital
Locations: Tenerife, Canary islands, Spain            Release: 2024, cinema festivals and streaming platforms


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