The Snowy Winter in the South

In the southernmost region of Chile, in the midst of a nature as cruel as it is overwhelming, a handful of villagers, together with their dogs and cattle, survive in an increasingly hostile, and yet beautiful, land.
Director: Sebastián Vidal
Producer: Sebastián Vidal, Sebastián Lavados
Editing: Pedro Abarca
Año de producción: 2023
Format: Digital 2K/4K
Lenght: 90 min
Selections: Arca, Residence for artists, 2018, Chile.
Editing & distribution workshop CCDOC, 2021, Chile
WIP Fecich 2022, Original Music Award, Chile. Doc Montevideo WIP, 2022, Uruguay. Sanfic WIP 2022, Chile. Miradas DOC, Debut WIP, 2023, Canary islands, Spain.

Sebastián Vidal, Director

Chilean filmmaker, studies cinema at the University of Valparaíso. In 2015 he emigrated to the Patagonia, where he is currently making his first feature film.

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