A sensory immersion in the lives of two women and their relationship of pleasure and pain with water.

Soul Beats

A journey of musical inspiration in the Atacama Desert in search of the ancestral origin of the drum and the sound of the landscape.

I Shall Die Singing

Portray of two poets from the Chilean countryside; an old shepherd and an old laborer, both were born singers and shall die singing.

The Snowy Winter in the South

In the southernmost region of Chile, in the midst of a nature as cruel as it is overwhelming, a handful of villagers, together with their dogs and cattle, survive in an increasingly hostile, and yet beautiful, land.

Stray bullet

Zapata 666 is a Venezuelan rapper and actor in his fifties who, after failing in an armed resistance against the Venezuelan government, tries to rebuild his life with his family in Colombia. With an artistic past at risk of being forgotten, Zapata 666 has an opportunity to come back to light.


In Chile, as glaciers melt, forests burn, inequalities increase and women’s rights continue to be questioned, Camila’s thoughts wobble between reason and instinct: can she give birth to a child today, in this uncertain world?

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